Rust in a glance

May 21 2015 , Category: Rust

Since Rust 1.0 has been occupying my Weibo’s timeline, I think it’s time to have a try on this programming language.

Install Rust on OS X

There exists pkg file for installing Rust on Mac, however, I’d prefer using commands:

curl -sf -L | sh

It’s simple and efficient.

After this, we are already on the way using Rust.

rustc --version

Hello, Rust!

Now we could create a Rust file to start the way of discovery Rust, create a file named “”:

fn main () {
    println!("Hello Rust!");

It’s easy to compile the first Rust file like “gcc” or other command line compilers:

$ rustc

This would create a executable file, run it to see our first program’s result:

$ ./hellorust

Use Cargo

Cargo is the official Package Manager for Rust.

Create a new package with command line:

cargo new package_name

And the command above would create a “Hello World” program with for you.

Build with Cargo:

cargo build

And run with Cargo:

cargo run

To be continued…

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